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Client Success Stories


“There are a lot of stories about the origin of my name, but the most credible one is simply that my mom’s a hippy and I’m half Native American.” This endearing explanation is an example of Clearblue’s funny and warm personality, which is an asset he will bring to any employment opportunity.  (read more…)


Louis is hopeful that he will find a job, thanks to the support and guidance of Deb Hanson, an Employment Specialist at Expandability. With an interview on the books and his resume ready to go he feels confident and is thankful to Expandability for helping him reach this positive attitude towards his search for employment. (read more…)


Eddie had only three classes left of the required courses he needed to achieve a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.  Then his school, Heald College, closed unceremoniously.  Eddie was devastated, and felt he had nowhere to turn.   (read more…)


Victor was diagnosed with juvenile idiopathic arthritis in 1986, when he was barely a year old.  He received no assistance throughout high school or college on how to manage this physically restrictive disease, which also sidelined him from the job market early on.  (read more…)


Leonard would be the first to agree that he’s not the typical student. After retiring from a long career as a printer at UCSC, Leonard worked for a while in construction. But construction work was hard to come by in the changing economy.  (read more…)



Leadership Team Success Stories

Maria Nicolacoudis

Maria Nicolacoudis has been the Executive Director at Expandability for almost 18 years.  Even before her time at Expandability, Maria always worked at nonprofits with a focus on helping the disabled. She is truly passionate about Expandability’s mission and has been for her entire career. (read more…)

Karen Beveridge

Before working for Expandability, Karen Beveridge was a cost accountant for a small startup in the Bay Area. But when her good friend Maria Nicolacoudis, Expandability’s Executive Director, offered her a position at Expandability, she was enticed by the prospect of working for a nonprofit, “I liked the idea that money coming out of the company went right back in, and that I wouldn’t be just a worker-bee trying to make money for the company. I could actually do something good for the community.”  (read more…)

Priscilla Azcueta

Priscilla Azcueta is the managing director at Expandability and she is passionate about the staffing industry; “for over thirty years this is what I’ve been doing.”  Priscilla served on Expandability’s board of directors for seven years prior to becoming the new managing director.  (read more…)

Ivone Perez

Ivon Perez is a people pleaser, a quality that shines through as she talks about what she loves about being an Employment Specialist at Expandability. She has been with Expandability for nine years, and her soft voice and natural patience make her very good at what she does. (read more…)

Ryan Bacon

Ryan Bacon has been a full time Community Service Coordinator with Expandability for over a year. In the past, he worked part time with another Expandability staff member, Priscilla Azcueta, as a recruiting assistant, a job he says helped open his eyes to a more focused career direction.  (read more…)

Monique Migdol

“We didn’t notice the wheelchair.” Monique Migdol said about her aunt, Janie, who was wheelchair-bound after catching Polio. Monique speaks about her aunt with love and admiration, and says Janie was highly educated and had a successful career working in museums, and when she was young Monique loved visiting her aunt at work.  (read more…)

 Deb Hanson

Deb Hanson gets things done. As an Employment Specialist at Expandability, for the past two years Deb has provided encouragement, support, time, and effort to help adults with disabilities in Monterey County find work.  (read more…)

John Cavano

Since 1999, John has been the Manager of Assistive Technology and Training Services at Expandability. He has a diverse professional background with a degree in Occupational Therapy and a certificate in massage therapy, and his passion for his work comes from his desire to connect with others on a personal level.  (read more…)



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