Autism At Work

Expandability has developed an innovative approach to training and developing quality career positions in the IT industry for individuals who have ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder).

The increase of individuals being diagnosed with ASD continues to grow annually at a rapid rate.   Currently, 1 in 68 children are diagnosed with ASD, nearly double the rate of 1 in 125 from 2004.  This trend is expected to grow, increasing the high employment gap for persons with ASD in competitive jobs with living wages.  Specialisterne started in Denmark, addressing the specific issues of persons with ASD and proving to employers that persons with ASD can be an asset within the workforce, helping to develop systems and solutions from a unique and innovative perspective.  This program has been successful throughout Europe, India, Canada, South America and now the US.

Specifically, this program provides assessment, training and employment for individuals who have an ASD diagnosis.  The unique and proven assessment process maps out aspects of the individual, resulting in a 360 degree map of personal, environmental and professional capacities and needs.

Autism at Work

Opportunities for Program Participants:

Participants with a profile that matches jobs within the relevant IT or STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) area are offered employment as consultants through Expandability or regular employment at a corporate partner. Participants whose profile does not match available IT or STEM jobs will be given support to find other employment or education opportunities based on the result of the assessment.


The assessment is held at the site of an employer partner and determines the unique abilities of the program participant as well as his or her ability to work, learn, adapt, and assimilate in the specific employer environment.  The employer partner provides worksite mentors as well as training and support to supervisors, co-workers and other employees to ensure that the work environment is accessible and open to embracing the program participants.  During this process, employers also learn to appreciate the business value brought by the program participants: high level technical skills or aptitude, intense work ethic, unique perspective for resolving difficult issues and low turnover.


Program participants are trained using the Scrum framework in areas such as:

  • Software testing
  • Data handling (scanning, indexing, entry)

Individual Program Participants:

  • Individuals who are diagnosed with ASD
  • DOR consumer or DOR eligible
  • Interest in a job within the STEM field
  • Graduate of high school and over the age of 18

Employer Participants

If you are an employer who would like more information or who would like to participate, please contact Jack Hogan at (408) 656-6415 or


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