The Autism Advantage

Expandability has developed an innovative approach to training and developing quality career positions in the IT industry for individuals who have ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder).

According to recent CDC statistics, the incidence of Autism diagnoses in the US is on the rise. Since 2000, the number of diagnoses has more than doubled. Autism is a label that is often misunderstood. In reality, the term refers to a diverse set of individuals who possess a wide range of skills and personality traits. With our modern understanding of Autism, we know that this diagnosis can only highlight an individual’s immense talents. With the proper training and support, individuals with ASD can be a great asset within the workforce, helping to develop systems and solutions from a unique and innovative perspective.

Specifically, this program provides training, employment opportunities, and post-employment support for individuals who have an ASD diagnosis.

Autism at Work

Opportunities for Program Participants:

Teach: Our 5-week training program helps candidates learn about themselves and how they can adapt to and operate in a modern environment. The program consists of cohorts of 8-10 individuals. Through individual and team exercises, each candidate will learn new social skills centered around the type of work they can expect in the office.

Connect: As part of the training program, guest speakers from around Silicon Valley will share their experiences and conduct mock interviews. While a job is the ultimate goal, candidates will be better prepared for the workforce and will meet new people, expanding their network. Additionally, through collaborative exercises and assignments, candidates will build a support network of fellow applicants, connecting with one another.

Support: After starting work, Expandability offers one-on-one counselling to give the candidate someone to speak with to share their experiences and frustrations and develop plans to improve. The candidate is given 3 months of minimum counselling support, and may choose to continue this support, at their own discretion.

Opportunities for Employers:

Teach: In order to better create an inclusive environment that will be successful for new hires and current employees alike, we offer employer training programs. These programs provide disability awareness, and can be tailored to fit managerial groups or to fit overall workgroup training.


Hire great, loyal talent – While people on the autism spectrum have distinct needs, they can be quite talented to fill roles you may find hard to fill and improve the diversity of thought and inclusive culture in your organization

Be involved – By participating in our training programs, you will engage with highly capable people and share your work experiences with them

Agency service – For employers who may not have a full-time role immediately available or are not certain they can offer full-time employment, we offer the ability to hire a candidates on a fixed-term contractor basis improving their hiring flexibility.

Support: Managers and mentors will liaise on your candidates’ performance and progress, ensuring that the manager has all the information he or she needs to help understand and support new hires. Additionally, as a non-profit, Goodwill/Expandability is a great cause to support your corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Individual Program Participants:

  • Individuals who are diagnosed with ASD
  • Interest in a job within the STEM field
  • Graduate of high school and over the age of 18

Employer Participants

If you are an employer who would like more information or who would like to participate, please contact Jack Hogan at (408) 656-6415 or


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