For Job Seekers

Do you have a disability and:

  • Are looking for work, either temporary, regular or contingent
  • Need to learn about workplace accommodations, ergonomics or assistive technology solutions
  • Need pre-employment job preparation training and skills

If so, Expandability has solutions for you!

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Who We Serve

A disability is defined as a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life functions and can be obvious (such as a physical or sensory disability) or non-apparent (such as a psychiatric, medical or learning disability).  Expandability assists individuals 15 years of age or older who have any type of disability and who can achieve competitive employment.

What We Do

Expandability, a Bay Area nonprofit organization, helps youth and adults with disabilities to achieve their career goals. In partnership with local schools, government agencies, and businesses, we provide individualized assessments, career and job placement assistance, adaptive technology, and more.  Since 1997, Expandability has served over 14,000 youth and adults with disabilities through direct services.

Our Programs: Expandability Staffing, Transition and Pre-employment, and the Assistive Technology Center

Transition and Pre-employment services focus on providing transition services for youth and adults with disabilities to gain the skills, information, tools and support to attain their employment goals.  Our services make a crucial difference in guiding youth and adults with disabilities towards a promising future of continued education, meaningful careers, and social and financial equality.

Of the high school youth we serve over 95% of seniors graduate from high school, compared to the national average of 53% of students with disabilities and 90% served reported achieving at least 90% of their service plan goals set during the program.

Transition and pre-employment services include programs such as:

  • CaPromise
  • OTAY
  • Autism at Work
  • Summer Career Development Camp
  • Career Development Classes

Expandability Staffing specializes in the placement of temporary, temporary to regular, and direct hire placement of talented individuals who have disabilities, including wounded warriors.  We work with all types of employers, placing persons with disabilities into jobs of all skill levels and industries.

Assistive Technology Services provide on-the-job accommodations to adults and youth with disabilities, giving them the opportunity to evaluate and train on the latest assistive technologies that open up new educational and employment opportunities.  Through Expandability’s Access Technology Services, persons with disabilities and work-related injuries make sure they have the adaptive technology solutions that will get the job done.  We bring tools on-site to people’s homes or offices for customized evaluation and device training.

Our assistive technology services average success rate for providing solutions that work is nearly 100% and of those 100% were successfully trained to use and integrate computers and computer assistive technology.

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