For Employers

The best untapped human resource in the United States are persons with disabilities! Nearly one in five Americans has a disability and since less than half of these individuals are gainfully employed, the pool of human potential that can fill the talent needs of employers and help power the economy is tremendous!
There is an assumption that persons with disabilities cannot or do not wish to work, BUT research shows that two out of three unemployed people with disabilities want to work and hiring persons with disabilities is good business!
  • Companies such as Walgreen’s, Home Depot, Marriott and Pizza Hut report that absentee rates are actually lower among their disabled workforce and Marriot experienced only a 6% turnover rate among people with disabilities, vs. 52% overall.
  • Workers with disabilities are typically more loyal and stay longer on the job than their non-disabled counterparts.
  • Consumers with disabilities represent an enormous market niche and employees with disabilities can help companies develop strategies to tap this valuable market.  People with disabilities have a combined income of more than $1 trillion, with $220 billion in discretionary income.
Through our Staffing, Assistive Technology and Consulting services, Expandability is your one-stop solution for:
  • Hiring talented staff dedicated to the success of your bottom line
  • Retaining, accommodating and promoting persons with disabilities in your workforce
  • Achieving your goals for diversity and inclusion
  • Providing training and consultation for Disability Awareness, ADAAA, 503 compliance, Accessibility and Assistive Technology

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