Business Advisory Committee

Business Advisory Committee

The mission of Expandability’s Business Advisory Committee is to work with business and the community to prepare people with disabilities for competitive employment.  The Advisory committee accomplishes this by providing program staff with input, suggestions, and teamwork in support of Expandability’s programs and mission.

Benefits of Participation

If you are concerned about the economic future of American industry and the high cost of public dependency, your personal involvement can make a difference. As an advisory member, you will help provide the opportunity for students to explore their potential while developing the skills necessary for today’s workforce.

Activities of the Advisory Committee

  • Assisting in the promotion of Expandability’s missionSpencer Interview Class
  • Providing employer networking
  • Offering corporate visits, employee mentoring or internships
  • Serving as information and referral services
  • Volunteering as guest speaker or mock interviewer
  • Hosting presentations or workshops
  • Offering available meeting space
  • Serving as a contact with other employers and agencies

People Who Participate in the Advisory Committee

Expandability’s Business Advisory Committee is composed of individuals representing business and industry. The rehabilitation and education community-based partnership is designed to support the efforts of the  programs by broadening the horizons of job seekers and students with disabilities through the combined efforts of education, business and technology.

Click here for a list of the Business Advisory Committee Members.

For further information or to join the Advisory Committee, please contact Monique Migdol at 278-2015.

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