• Artability 2016! Featuring Rion Paige, X Factor star and country music artist along with Zoe Alexander

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News Flash! Expandability is proud to Host ArtAbility 2016 on April 8th, 2016 – featuring Rion Paige, X Factor star and country music artist along with Zoe Alexander and The Money Band! Click here for all the details!

ArtAbility 2016 Featuring Rion Paige & Zoe Alexander, click for info

Expandability connects persons with disabilities to successful employment, serving both employers and job seekers. For employers, we are a one-stop solution for hiring and retaining talented staff to achieve goals for diversity and inclusion. For persons with disabilities, Expandability provides clients access to adaptive technology and career transition services so that they can achieve their desired education and employment, and improve their quality of life.

“Expandability provided me with confidence to find employment, pushed me to find employment and taught me skills I was not aware of.” - Direct services client

Work is the key that opens the door to independence and self-determination. The labor force participation rate of persons with disabilities in California is the lowest of all demographic groups at only 18.7%. Expandability is working diligently to change this to bring them closer to the 67.4% rate of Californians who do not have disabilities.  The good news is that for employers, this is a great untapped workforce.  Statistics consistently show that persons with disabilities are more productive, loyal, safe, creative, innovative and flexible.  

“We accept our clients into the real world, the factual world, and that’s what they appreciate. When clients come to us they may be discouraged, having found themselves defined by their disability. What we do is treat them like regular people, putting a focus on what they can do instead of what they can’t. Finding meaningful work requires some faith in yourself, and our clients find that.” - Expandability staff member

Expandability’s programs work with youth and adults with disabilities to develop strategies and skills to achieve their employment goals through transition planning, pre-employment, job placement, assistive technology and self-advocacy.  Working with both persons with disabilities and employers better enables us to make the most successful employment connection for everyone.


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